Coop to Kittens

We added chickens to our family in 2017 and they gave us an opportunity to help more animals. Since we do not have a rooster, our eggs will never develop into chicks and since most of our hens naturally lay eggs regularly we decided to start collecting the eggs and sell them to friends. Once we had enough people steadily buying eggs we became fosters for a local group that is dedicated to helping cats get out of high kill shelters and used our egg money to fund fostering. Coop to Kittens! Because of our wonderful hens we have been able to watch so many kittens that would have had their lives ended in a cold lonely cage go on to live wonderful lives full of love with a family of their very own.

fall in love with any of these faces? all are available for adoption!

cali adopteed


meaty adopted


honey adopted


pancake adopted


joey adopted